Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where is the Fun in the Fire festival?

Who likes Fire festival? After looking around a little bit on the blogger scene, I've deduced that most of us doesn't really care for the firef festival events. Personally I think the added city art is nice and the midsummer pole and the dancing is a nice touch in the cities. The questlines and the fire rewards are however totally uninspiring. The people I've talked to force themselves through the torch tossing/catching just to get themselves the rewards. All while they moan and bitch about how hard/boring it is. It's a game. Do stick to things that you enjoy.

I tried the torch tossing, easy. I tried the torch catching. Bleh. Running around to various ally cities to dose their flame could be fun in the right group. On a PVP server it guarantees lots of interesting moments - or ganking.

My wife took one look at the new city art and then demanded to get to play... she loves the events, and that my friends is all it takes for me to think Fire festival (however boring it is) is a good thing. I am off to ignore the festival some more. Need a wee bit more honor before the new seasonal PVP gear is introduced on Wednesday.


TeePee said...

Fire dancing space goats are where its at - my new favorite basically useless item (at least until the novelty value wears off lol) :)

Nibuca said...

"The Fun" was found last night from 12:00-4am when my guild decided to do a world tour. We touched all the fires and even snagged the horde capital flames.

As a group event it was kinda fun. Just something cool about galloping the globe while flagged and willing to dish it out.

I'm miffed that the juggling torches will only be available during the festival.. It's pretty darn cool to have 40 torches flying through the air between 4 different people.

Oh, and the Spirit of Summer is loverly.