Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rotating classes - how to keep wow fresh

Every once in awhile I rotate my character main to a new one. Mostly it happens after reaching certain goals that has been hard to achieve. With my (3rd) rogue this happened shortly after dinging 70 halfway into the TBC cycle. I had played my rogue a lot and been forced to level fast to keep up with my guild. I realized that I burned through content too fast and also my appreciation of the rogue.

So since I took a few months away from WOW and then returned to a new character. After a few false starts I got really hooked on my hunter Stormspike. I had loads of fun, totally ignoring leveling pace or any other issues.  I dinged 70 and started doing dailies and shifting my focus onto PVP. Loads of fun.

When WotLK arrived it was time to change again. After the hunter changes I realized I wasn't interested in relearning the hunter. Instead I watched with joy at the latest changes to the protection warrior. Suddenly it was viable to not only level as protection but also PVP with it.

I rolled an undead warrior, (my 3rd highlevel warrior throughout my wow career) who now is quickly approaching 78... I don't care much for the endgame, it is the journey that I love so much with WOW.


Time-wise I suspect it is soon time for me  to rotate into a new character and I think that either a Paladin or a Death Knight would be the best move. Yet I am still having fun, and I haven't even gotten started on the PVP side of things. Yay!