Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Comments now moderated

After several "Buy WOW Gold" comments I've turned on comment moderation. I just can't stand MMO gold sellers. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

EVE online soon available on STEAM

eve-screen-2-s CCP & Valve recently announced that the MMO EVE online is coming to Steam. Very interesting. I personally started using Steam about a year ago and just like iTunes I has me buying games like never before. I am at the point where I first check Steam for games before even considering buying it in a store. Steamed games can be accessed from any computer and at a relatively good price. I am just waiting for them to allow your save games to be stored on steam as well.

When EVE online comes to Steam I am sure it will entice a lot of new players.

By the way... the last steam game I bought was the old 2004 release Manhunt. A really good stealth game. I've made it about half-way through the game and it is getting a lot tougher. It is very casual unfriendly... you can only save at certain points and if you quit and return you are likely to replay a lot of the level again before reaching your previous last checkpoint. I expect Manhunt 2 to have a more friendly save system. I am too inpatient these days to replay levels.

Monday, January 28, 2008

New artist - Emilie Autumn

itunes  Since the day I installed iTunes I've increased the amount of new music I listen too. Almost every month I buy a new album from an artist I haven't heard before. The pricing on iTunes is perfect and quite frankly I am no longer interested in the CDs themselves. I play all music at home through my computer or my iPod.

Last night with the latest paycheck on the bank I flipped through Orkus, an alternative music magazine I usually read and found an article about Emilie Autumn. She plays the violin (both classical and an electo version) together with suggestive lyrics combined with a gothic backdrop. Sounds like something for me so I went ahead and purchased the album Opheliac.emilie

I've just started to listen to it so I am not quite ready to lay down the verdict. So far I like what I hear...

I also managed to add a few tracks from various artists. Gotta love the "just for you feature" on iTunes. It takes a while before the suggested tracks becomes relevant but it learns for each new purchase.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Reset, rename and restart

A new name on the blog and voila it has been resurrected from the place of abandoned blogs. With Hexapuma's World I am no longer covering WOW since I don't play it anymore. However there is a ton of other things I do and obsess over.

One of the games I currently enjoy is EVE-Online and I am in the process of launching into a full pirate career. EVE is one of those fantastic open ended type of MMO where you can actually become anything you fancy. Play the game your own way. Of course this means that it is full of roads leading to very bad situations that can be very hard if not time consuming to get out of. Going pirate is one of those roads...