Tuesday, January 29, 2008

EVE online soon available on STEAM

eve-screen-2-s CCP & Valve recently announced that the MMO EVE online is coming to Steam. Very interesting. I personally started using Steam about a year ago and just like iTunes I has me buying games like never before. I am at the point where I first check Steam for games before even considering buying it in a store. Steamed games can be accessed from any computer and at a relatively good price. I am just waiting for them to allow your save games to be stored on steam as well.

When EVE online comes to Steam I am sure it will entice a lot of new players.

By the way... the last steam game I bought was the old 2004 release Manhunt. A really good stealth game. I've made it about half-way through the game and it is getting a lot tougher. It is very casual unfriendly... you can only save at certain points and if you quit and return you are likely to replay a lot of the level again before reaching your previous last checkpoint. I expect Manhunt 2 to have a more friendly save system. I am too inpatient these days to replay levels.

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