Monday, January 28, 2008

New artist - Emilie Autumn

itunes  Since the day I installed iTunes I've increased the amount of new music I listen too. Almost every month I buy a new album from an artist I haven't heard before. The pricing on iTunes is perfect and quite frankly I am no longer interested in the CDs themselves. I play all music at home through my computer or my iPod.

Last night with the latest paycheck on the bank I flipped through Orkus, an alternative music magazine I usually read and found an article about Emilie Autumn. She plays the violin (both classical and an electo version) together with suggestive lyrics combined with a gothic backdrop. Sounds like something for me so I went ahead and purchased the album Opheliac.emilie

I've just started to listen to it so I am not quite ready to lay down the verdict. So far I like what I hear...

I also managed to add a few tracks from various artists. Gotta love the "just for you feature" on iTunes. It takes a while before the suggested tracks becomes relevant but it learns for each new purchase.

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