Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The month that got away

It seems it was a long time my warrior hit the magic 80 level and to be honest my playtime has been declining ever since. Although so much more are currently happening in my life. I am in  the middle of a divorce, I've sold an apartment and bought a new one... there are tons of stuff to do and so little time to spend it on. One of the first things that is getting cut away is WOW time. Even though I've been playing WOW off and on from the very launch it is simply a time filler for other activities.

I do have a lot of things I need to do with my warrior... I've come to realize that I need to complete things to have fun. So while I've had few play sessions this month I have been able to take my character from honored to exalted with ... Argent Dawn. Guess I still like old content eh =)

Almost exalted with the Wyrmrest Accord as well.. and I guess Argent Crusade is next. However... dailies is the killer of joy. I log in and do the same stuff over and over again... bah. Need to breakout and do other stuff.