Saturday, September 20, 2008

Killing birdmen...

I've been taking a few minutes each day to complete the dailies in Skettis. Stormspike has now just a few thousand rep to go for the epic netherray mount. The Skettis area can be a real warzone depending on the time you go there.

Morning - zone is generally only visited by people who wants to do their dailies with as little fuss as possible.

Lunch - during lunch the area is heavily populated. There are alot of PVP going on. I suspect that the area is visited by both PVPers and a few brave souls that try do complete their dailies.

Afternoon - early afternoon is safe but around 15-16 PM it starts to heat up again. I suspect the younger crowd are coming home from school and starts their dailies.

Evening - chaos. Anything goes. Some evenings the area is camped, others devoid and you'll never know if you're going to get ganked when doing the escort daily.

Night - empty and safe for dailies. 

I personally don't like PVP in an area like Skettis. The mobs are 70-71, hit quite hard and it is very easy to gain adds. On the other side it is a great place for ganking/griefing if thats your poison.

In around 20 minutes I'll get around 500-750 rep with the Skyguard, loads of netherweave and 40 gold. It is no more than what I need. I've heard about some people that keep a stack of 20 000 golds... I can't understand why they bother with keeping such a big stash. 

Monday, September 15, 2008

001 Painspike | The Backstabber

WoWScrnShot_042308_122242 In order to mix up the battleground focused PVP of my dear hunter. I've started a new rogue. There are a few classes I return to again and again... rogues are one of those. I can't get enough of them. Insane DPS and lots of neat tricks that makes everyone else look bland. In addition the female Blood Elf stealth pose is amazingly cool...

I know that most players recommend rogues to go down the combat tree during leveling. I've done so myself in the past but with Painspike I am focusing on daggers. The results so far are awesome. I kill most mobs in few steps - it feels much faster compared to combat swords. However my rogue is just level 23 at the moment so it might change later on.

Mind you I have not twinked the character at all beyond the use of Heavy sharpening stones (+4 damage). Going combat would have allowed uninterrupted sinister strikes until death - very little finesse and very boring. Although combat comes with stronger defense if when things go wrong - especially with blade flurry and Adrenaline Rush.

Painspike is currently 23 and just finished with Ghostlands. Hillsbrad will be her new home - usually ample of opportunity to practice world PVP. Her current talent spec is 10/2/2 - I am currently filling up subtlety talents for increased burst damage. Painspike's armory profile is here.

Friday, September 12, 2008

PVE goes PVP

Great news for the people that rolled on a PVE server - they can now transfer their characters to a PVP realm. At level 70 I can't imagine that it will be that big of a difference except when farming motes and other stuff. The biggest difference between a PVE and PVP server is the leveling process. On a PVP server you'll have to cope with multiple ganks and griefing attempts by higher leveled characters. However the charm of playing on a PVP realm is added challenge of avoiding those situations...

Anyway I say it is about time they let the PVE players in on the fun... fresh meat =)

Monday, September 08, 2008

Upsetting the fragile truce between horde and alliance...

I spent Sunday with my pet Paladin, completing a few quests in Duswallow Marsh... the new quest hub for 35-45 leveled toons. It is a pretty dense quest areas with different quests going on everywhere, especially once you make it down to the new neutral village Mudsprocket. This weekend the zone was packed... horde and alliance toons everywhere. Guess people are leaving raiding/pvping behind to get a new toon up to 70 before LK hits. I've seen quite a few hunters lately... Anyway there was very little PVP going on... not even gangbanging.

I must admit that I happily left the alliance alone - no use PVPing when you are in a hurry to blow off some restbonus and advance towards 60. My paladin has very little in terms of "good" equipment. The prices on AH has become horribly high and I ain't happy spending my precious gold on other things than gems and enchants for my hunter Stormspike.

Once I got over to Tanaris and Lost Rigger Cove (where the Southsea Pirates hang out) things changed... a 70 rogue gnome helping out a druid killed every horde in its path. Other alliance chilled but not the rogue. My assumption is that the rogue is helping his friend with an alt... and that rogue probably only has one character. He therefore he doesn't care about the truce since he doesnt risk having his leveling speed hampered with by being marked for revenge gangs himself. I know that if I spot that druid friend of his I am going to have to camp his bear butt...

I managed to complete the pirate quests and ding 46... still a way from 60 but I am making progress. Tonight I'll have some battleground fun with my hunter though. Even though I enjoy my little paladin, there is no doubt that Stormspike is my main.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Battlegrounds, PVP and the Gender discussion

I've finally returned to the land of the living or should I say digital life after a long and exotic vacation. I've experienced life with very little Internet - and it was good... but it was also good to return to the civilized world.

I've picked up Soul Calibur 4 - an awesome game if you are into fighting games. I've had a couple of really great online fights. The quality of many players out there is near godlike... or at least compared to myself. I do have to start focusing on a specific character if I am going to have any chance online at all. I've always been the type of player that can play all characters and still have a good chance of winning. This isn't really the case online... This playing style is evident in my WOW style as well. I have a hard time focusing on a specific character, instead I love to play different alts.

My hunter has gotten the most of my attention the last six months - and he still have it. I have now managed to secure a few more PVP gear pieces. Still on my honor-shopping list are the rings, neck, leggings, gloves and melee weapon. Oh and my latest purchase (shoulders & chest) did drain my bag of gold a wee bit. I bough those nice epic +10 agility gems... probably overpriced but hey its a game and I simply get what I want NOW. Problem is that I must return to grind a wee bit of dailies before getting more gems. I am not broke but down to a few hundred pieces of gold.

Gender talk

Oh and I've seen quite a few posts in the bloggosphere about gender... quite frankly I don't give a shit if you are female/male. If your blog is interesting to me I'll read it. Personally I think Green Hunter has the right attitude and quite a few other blogs simply rants about in order to stand out.

In-game its just the same. Age and gender doesn't interest me - maturity and language does. WOW is just a game to me - I have most of my social contacts outside the game. I get into WOW to stomp a few gnomes in the battlegrounds. Leveling up, grouping and instancing is just a side-effect of me getting a char into the correct BG bracket. Don't get me wrong - I can be social in-game and I do from time to time but its when I do find like minded people. Needless to say I don't hang around raiders too much. We have very different views on the game.

The Beta

I got into the LK Beta... I've had very little time to play it so far. There are a lot of crazy stuff going on with talents at the moment. I am sure that it'll be balanced properly before launch - remember that Blizzard introduced the new talents before the launch of BC to get it balanced. I am sure it will happen again. I will try to get a Death Knight leveled during the beta - so I can focus on getting my Hunter to 80 as soon as possible.

The Alt

I am getting another paladin leveled - my little Blood Elf is at 45. My goal is to get her to 60 and then stay in Alterac Valley 'till the launch of LK and then enjoy a faster leveling between 60-70...

Oh... Darth Vader in Soul Calibur 4 rocks... that is how a death knight should be....