Monday, September 08, 2008

Upsetting the fragile truce between horde and alliance...

I spent Sunday with my pet Paladin, completing a few quests in Duswallow Marsh... the new quest hub for 35-45 leveled toons. It is a pretty dense quest areas with different quests going on everywhere, especially once you make it down to the new neutral village Mudsprocket. This weekend the zone was packed... horde and alliance toons everywhere. Guess people are leaving raiding/pvping behind to get a new toon up to 70 before LK hits. I've seen quite a few hunters lately... Anyway there was very little PVP going on... not even gangbanging.

I must admit that I happily left the alliance alone - no use PVPing when you are in a hurry to blow off some restbonus and advance towards 60. My paladin has very little in terms of "good" equipment. The prices on AH has become horribly high and I ain't happy spending my precious gold on other things than gems and enchants for my hunter Stormspike.

Once I got over to Tanaris and Lost Rigger Cove (where the Southsea Pirates hang out) things changed... a 70 rogue gnome helping out a druid killed every horde in its path. Other alliance chilled but not the rogue. My assumption is that the rogue is helping his friend with an alt... and that rogue probably only has one character. He therefore he doesn't care about the truce since he doesnt risk having his leveling speed hampered with by being marked for revenge gangs himself. I know that if I spot that druid friend of his I am going to have to camp his bear butt...

I managed to complete the pirate quests and ding 46... still a way from 60 but I am making progress. Tonight I'll have some battleground fun with my hunter though. Even though I enjoy my little paladin, there is no doubt that Stormspike is my main.

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