Thursday, September 14, 2006

BWL & Onyxia here I come

So last night I decided to ignore the guilds MC run and instead concentrate on getting leather-clad destroyer through UBRS. First off, I truly despise sitting waiting in IF spamming LFG every other minute. Especially when the channel is filled with crap from people who just gotta be heard. Every minute is painful.

While doing the LFG routine I got a lot of whispers with: LFG? Yeah a group not a player... eventually I understood that if I was to get me and my daggers into UBRS it would be by setting up my own raid.. including all the hassles of getting a keyholder, tank and healer. So instead I took the LFG channel with me into AB...

Even though you are automatically entered into a raid when going into the battlegrounds, these does not affect your "Real" party status. I was able to get invited by a group ready to go to UBRS =) No more waiting in IF for a group. SWEET!

The UBRS raid was led by an epic warrior from Inquisitors. Yay, this might even work =). It was a long time since I ran UBRS and those lower instances but it was fun. My new gear cut through their armor like a hot knife through butter. While the tank was AFK downing a pizza I was the tank =) Actually it works quite good as long as you don't have to tank multiple mobs.

Loots of stuff dropped, but no Eviscerate book..I did pick up The Shadow Prowler's Cloak. Never seen it before but it was a good find.

In the end I am now attuned for BWL, Onyxia and the next part of the MC questline! I increased my FR by 30 from the quest objectives alone ^^

Returning to IF my guild asked me if I'd join for Ragnaros.. I came into MC right as Majordomo was killed. To my surprise the Core Hound Tooth just dropped... when we downed Ragnaros (on second try) the Perdition Blade also dropped... I lost it to another rogue. If hadn't bidded on the claws previous MC run I would have had sufficient DKP to bring them home. Well there is always a next time - I hope.

Oh.. regarding the fists I picked up last week. Yes they do lots of white damage and yes they do work in raids but I am not overly impressed with them. I have not yet tried any PVP with them. My Krol Blade pops back into my hands as soon as danger lurks around the corner.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am such a fool...

I am such a fool... last night in MC I was so hyped about the chance of getting a weapon upgrade. I was also in the lucky position of being top rogue DKP. So basically if anything would drop I'd be guaranteed to win it. Somehow I managed to fumble it... before the raid I noted down my DKP and that of the next one in line just to be sure. At Garr both Brutality Blade and the Gutgore Ripper drops. After a moment of joy I decided to go after the Brutality Blade (being human and found of Sword combat it was a rather easy choice). The Gutgore is auctioned first.. I pass and another happy rogue gets it. Next up.. the Brutality Blade.. I bid my max and just waits for the announcement.. but its not me its another rogue, the one just below me in DKP count. The strange thing is he bids with the same amount I have as max... and then it hits me. I misread the dkp chart.. instead of noting my own I had noted the other rogues dkp. Bleh. No weapon upgrade for me this run. So lesson learned? Double, nay, tripple check the dkp properly.

Well I didn't go completely empty-handed away from last night. I did pick up Eskhandar's Right Claw for minimum dkp. Now it was more of a fluke... I am curious of trying out a fast weapon with lots of poison. Before you say anything... I am pretty sure that a slow weapon is better for pumping out lots of nice sinister damage and it will be pretty moot in PVP.

But I rather discover that one myself after testing it... so for the next raid I'll be respeccing for fist/poison combat. If you have any suggestions I'll be happy to check it out.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Profile updated

So I took the time to actually create & update a ctprofile profile for Hexapuma. The main profile is what I use for grinding, PVP and raids without the need for FR. The fire resistance profile is (surprise surprise) used for the more fiery parts of MC including Ragnaros.

I am slowly upgrading my FR gear to become less and less of a burden for the healers, although I think I am already doing a fine job of that.

My next goal is to get a Molten Helm, Lava Belt and maby even Molten Boots. For the observant I don't have the pre-onyxia quest completed yet. I am waiting to get myself into an UBRS run. Something which has proven incredibly difficult after the Eviscerate book update... that combined with my time schedule.

Actually if I just could get one run into UBRS I would complete:
* The onyxia pre-quest and get my a valuable FR necklace
* The BWL pre-quest
* The Hydraxxian Waterlord quest for the FR ring.

Conclusion.. I really really need to zip through UBRS.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cross-server Battlegrounds

So after two weeks of Cross-server battlegrounds I can only say it has been a huge let down for me. Previously on Ravencrest it took me 4-5 minutes for AB or WSG game and almost instantly for an AV game. Now the wait time is over 20 minutes for AB/WSG and around the hour for AV games. I suspect it is an overrepresentation of Alliance players in the battlegroup because there are an astounding number of instances up.

Anyway this is really sad... I love going into the battlegrounds but this is simply not an option anymore. I can't login, wait around for 20 minutes, play 5 minutes and then wait another 20.

So what can I do? I can play my alts and avoid the level 60 bracket or I could PAY and get a transfer to another battlegroup. Missing friends and all... Very unfortunate.

Had a great guild raid to Molten Core yesterday and we cleared all bosses of MC without any wipe on around four hours. With my gear somewhat good (PVP set + Nightslayer) I am holding out for a weapon. With my build now combat I managed to stay on the top 5 of the damage chart. I am sure that I can go higher when I get more efficient with AR and BF.

My biggest issue so far compared to a SF build is the lack of combopoints. It takes forever to generate them... ^^ I was hoping to do a little combat in BGs too... but hey the queues were simply too long.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Combat Swords...

So after being specced Seal Fate for a good while I wanted to go back to combat swords again to see if my gear would have improved it since last time. New build 16/31/4 (I personally can't live without a few points in MOD).

Survivability ... I seem to survive longer in BG's but when solo grinding I actually take more hits now. The whole SF build is all about gouging and getting a few nasty backstabs in.. combat swords is more about upfront damage. I haven't really nailed down a good flow yet and I suppose I'll have to rely more on kidney shot...

I am scheduled for a MC raid tonight but it seems like I'll have to sit this one over as it has 7 rogues signed up already... guess it will be BG night ;) If I do get into the raid I'll see if I have increased my dps with combat swords...