Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am such a fool...

I am such a fool... last night in MC I was so hyped about the chance of getting a weapon upgrade. I was also in the lucky position of being top rogue DKP. So basically if anything would drop I'd be guaranteed to win it. Somehow I managed to fumble it... before the raid I noted down my DKP and that of the next one in line just to be sure. At Garr both Brutality Blade and the Gutgore Ripper drops. After a moment of joy I decided to go after the Brutality Blade (being human and found of Sword combat it was a rather easy choice). The Gutgore is auctioned first.. I pass and another happy rogue gets it. Next up.. the Brutality Blade.. I bid my max and just waits for the announcement.. but its not me its another rogue, the one just below me in DKP count. The strange thing is he bids with the same amount I have as max... and then it hits me. I misread the dkp chart.. instead of noting my own I had noted the other rogues dkp. Bleh. No weapon upgrade for me this run. So lesson learned? Double, nay, tripple check the dkp properly.

Well I didn't go completely empty-handed away from last night. I did pick up Eskhandar's Right Claw for minimum dkp. Now it was more of a fluke... I am curious of trying out a fast weapon with lots of poison. Before you say anything... I am pretty sure that a slow weapon is better for pumping out lots of nice sinister damage and it will be pretty moot in PVP.

But I rather discover that one myself after testing it... so for the next raid I'll be respeccing for fist/poison combat. If you have any suggestions I'll be happy to check it out.


Psyae said...

I happened to get that claw, as well, and tried it out with my panther claw in offhand.

As you'll discover... squat for damage, sorry. I'm not sure about the whole set, but they just don't have a good claw rogue build.

My goal is to get the tiger claw (panther/tiger set from zg) so I can turn into big tiger thingy and go smash smash.


Raivyne said...

when i first started playing WoW (after playing an assassin in D2LOD) i really wanted to be a fist spec rogue... i was so sad after reading about weapons/spec/etc to discover it just wasn't viable 9 times out 9.5