Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Cross-server Battlegrounds

So after two weeks of Cross-server battlegrounds I can only say it has been a huge let down for me. Previously on Ravencrest it took me 4-5 minutes for AB or WSG game and almost instantly for an AV game. Now the wait time is over 20 minutes for AB/WSG and around the hour for AV games. I suspect it is an overrepresentation of Alliance players in the battlegroup because there are an astounding number of instances up.

Anyway this is really sad... I love going into the battlegrounds but this is simply not an option anymore. I can't login, wait around for 20 minutes, play 5 minutes and then wait another 20.

So what can I do? I can play my alts and avoid the level 60 bracket or I could PAY and get a transfer to another battlegroup. Missing friends and all... Very unfortunate.

Had a great guild raid to Molten Core yesterday and we cleared all bosses of MC without any wipe on around four hours. With my gear somewhat good (PVP set + Nightslayer) I am holding out for a weapon. With my build now combat I managed to stay on the top 5 of the damage chart. I am sure that I can go higher when I get more efficient with AR and BF.

My biggest issue so far compared to a SF build is the lack of combopoints. It takes forever to generate them... ^^ I was hoping to do a little combat in BGs too... but hey the queues were simply too long.


Kinless said...

You've had the opposite experience I have had.

Previously I'd wait hours to get into AV. AB and WSG were only a little better. Very annoying to head out to Azshara to collect herbs and *then* have your bg pop. Too long a wait to hang out fishing. You'd queue up for all three and play in one till the next popped.

This new cross-server thing has been incredible. There are no waits for any of the three battlegrounds for me. Sometimes they pop so fast I don't even have time to turn the tokens in. Maybe I'm lucky to be Horde in this regard.

Hexapuma said...

Yes I've noticed that for some this is god-sent and for others like me its a pain in the b***.

Raivyne said...

Cross-server BGs were a God send to Thunderhorn Alliance!!! Queues went from 1-3 hours (depending on time of day and the BG) to 15 - 30 minutes. Whew!!!

Raivyne said...
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Raivyne said...

btw... i almost popped over to ravencrest to say hello last night... but it was down too :P~

Hexapuma said...

If you do pop over... if I am not online I might be with my alt... Hexapanther =)