Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hexapuma is in torpor...

So finally after almost two years it is time for me to put the WOW gaming to rest. A lot of other things have come up and on the gaming front I've started playing EVE together with the very same people I once started out WOW with.

I still have my account active and do mainly PVP with my Paladin alt, Hexapanther.

So if this blog suddenly changes to feature lots of starships and other sci-fi elements you now know why... and to all rogues. Take care out there and be careful with that thistle tea.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Looking for new server

I've been up to lots of things since the last post. Basically I've had it with the long wait queues in Battlegroup 3 for getting into AB/AV/WSG... so I've been researching various other realms.

It does mean that I have left my old guild. Painful.. and it is more painful that all of my friends are on the Ravencrest server. The only other option I have is to level a new rogue and stay below the 60 bracket or get busy with my alts...

Regarding raiding.. I've had my share of raiding now and quite frankly the 40 man raids lasting for 5-6 hours are not my idea of fun. I really dislike the idea that in order to get a *good* weapon you need to raid. I am so looking forward to TBC for the arena battles and the revamped honor reward system.

to be continued