Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hexapuma is in torpor...

So finally after almost two years it is time for me to put the WOW gaming to rest. A lot of other things have come up and on the gaming front I've started playing EVE together with the very same people I once started out WOW with.

I still have my account active and do mainly PVP with my Paladin alt, Hexapanther.

So if this blog suddenly changes to feature lots of starships and other sci-fi elements you now know why... and to all rogues. Take care out there and be careful with that thistle tea.



Wolfgangdoom said...

Time to say goodbye huh? EVE was fun for me, but there is something about stabbing someone in the back with a dagger that I find appealing. lol. Burning Crusade should hold my interest until Age of Conan and Warhammer online are released, but who knows.

Raivyne said...

OMG right before the xpac!?! /cry!!!

if the xpac ruins the game for me i'm playing vanguard.

Hexapuma said...

I admit I do miss WOW sometimes but the time comitment it requires is simply too much for me right now.