Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reputation grind - for the PVP starter kit

Getting into the 70 bracket battlegrounds or even worse the Arena is tough with all those 70ies running around in various PVP gear. Fortunately Blizzard loves alts and new characters so they've made sure that if you have grinded the most popular factions in Outlands to honored status you can get a good starter kit.

Lassirra at The Hunter's Mark has provided a good write-up on the kit for hunters - L70 Hunter PVP Starter Kit.

Megan at Out of Mana has a lot of very useful PVP oriented material for Arena players and battleground'ers alike. Actually her posts are in general very interesting (that is if you don't read the raid related posts ^^). Check her New Arena Player in 2.4 post.

My hunter is about to ding 69 and I am hesitating on staying 69 to farm the battlegrounds for honor and tokens while he is in the top crop... (as soon as the 70 ding hits, he'll be lowest of the low in AB, WSG and EoS). While I got things figured out I am concentrating on getting my reputation up with various factions.

Lower city - Friendly - 4200/6000

Grinding Arakkoa Feathers for the rep. I just need 240 more feathers.

Sha'tar - Friendly - 737/6000

Grinding Sunfury signets (since I am going for the Scryers faction) - 420 signets required for honored.

Keepers of Time - Neutral - 0/3000

I am not bothering with this faction since it requires instancing - and my limited game time does not allow it at this point. Should I decide to do it... I'll need 3.3 times in Old Hillsbrad for friendly status... and then probably another 6 times for honored.

Mag'Har - Revered - 5284/21000

Technically not required for the PVP starter kit but I really want the Talbuk mount! I need 310 Obsidian Warbeads - or ~1600 ogre kills. A probable combination would be 600 ogre kills to just get the warbeads... and then about 200 warbeads.

I've got some serious grinding to do... if you need to check out your characters reputation requirements... just head to ! It is an amazing tool for checking out your Outlands rep.

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Lassirra said...

I think they've changed the level requirements for the top-tier BGs so that 60-70 are all in the same tier/instance. I haven't seen it confirmed by any patch note or blue post, but I do know for sure--my 67 rogue is doing AVs with 70s.

Might as well ding. ;)