Sunday, June 15, 2008

Reputation update

After a quick check on the WoW Rep Calculator my hunter has the following rep needs:

Lower City - 90 feathers left (2.2 turn ins)
Sha'tar - 410 Sunfury signets left (40.1 turn ins)

Mag'har - 190 warbeads or roughly 900 ogre kills

If I can squeeze in an hour or two today I'll finish up the feather gathering and start with the sunfury signets in earnest. I might actually just buy the signets from AH. They sit at about 50-60 silvers apiece.


Lower city - honored
Sha'tar - 10 signets left (1 turn-in) Did a little AH shopping...
Mag'har - 160 warbeads or roughly 770 ogre kills

My hunter is now only 5% away from the BIG ding. So far I've only done questing in Hellfire, Zangarmarsh, Terrokar and Nagrand. Meaning I have epic mount money from Blade, Netherstorm & Shadowmoon... I should have my golden wings pretty soon. My latest goldstatement was in the vincinity of 3k.

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