Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gold paradise - Fire Festival Revisited

Gold Bars I think I was too harsh on the Fire Festival earlier. It is actually a great event - for getting gold. Three hours of fire festival celebration netted me little over 400 gold. I didn't have ultra fun (as in running around in WSG/AB) but it was ok. And my hunter is desperately needing gold for the epic flyer.

So how does this get rich scheme work with the Fire Festival?


Outside most settlements in Outlands and Azeroth are the crazy fire worshippers and their bonfire. With the faction of your choice (I play horde so that will be "my faction") you'll get a quest to worship the fire. Get the quest and voila - 5 gold (if you are level 70) for every horde fire. Now go to the pesky alliance settlements and "use" their bonfire (actually the bonfire has a quest marker) and you'll get 11 gold and some change.

photo by John Curley Easiest way to do this is to start in Outlands - Netherstorm and then make your way to shadowmoon valley. Once there, back to Shattrah and take a portal to Silvermoon and work your way through Eastern Kingdom. Once you reach Booty-Bay hop on the boat to Kalimdor and from Ratchet take the flight to Cenarion Hold in Silithius. Now work your way all the way to Draenei starting areas...

Personally I skipped the Night Elf starting area - Dolanaar. To complicated for my "Get rich quick scheme".

In the enemy capitals (Exodar, IF, Stormwind & Darnassus) are special festival fires for you to desecrate. My impression is that they yield slightly more gold but that you will have to fight your way to get there. If you stick to regular settlements you can do this solo without breaking a sweat. Well maby a few drops if you play on a PVP server.

Each continent yields about 200 gold... and in order to make this really easy for you I've spotted another blog with a list of all settlements:

Grumble N Autumn: 2008 Midsummer Fires


Great guide to the locations. It actually inspired me to visit all the places. Oh it took me about 3 hours to complete the entire run. Happy riding... you'll miss your flying mount in the old world.

I know only need 600 gold to buy my hunter an epic flyer... almost there!

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