Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hunter engineering goggles

Behold my hunter Last night I crafted Surestrike Goggles v2.0 for my hunter. With primal nether being available from the AH it was easy to gather the rest of the materials. All my collected ore has gone into this though... I am not sure what the cost would add up to. The materials I bought from the AH - Primal Nether (40g), Nightseye x2 (60g) and finally Heavy knothide leather x6 (15g). Approximately 120g and then the time to get all the ore... about 20 hours of playtime? It sure sounds expensive. I hope it is worth it in the end.

I am slowly putting together a PVE set to go with my PVP set. With the engineering goggles equipped I finally broke 1000 RAP. I now have to take additional measures to avoid drawing aggro from my pet. Something I've never had to do before. It is not unusual to manage a string of crits and then have the mob switch targets. I am thinking of starting to use a Misdirection macro in regular pullls... but it seems highly mana draining. Mana is what I have very little of... I rely on Aspect of the Viper more than Mp5 and Int. Maby time to put together a farming set too...

I am saving up for an epic flyer... but at the same time I want to gem and enchant my gear. I keep telling myself that after I've gotten the epic flyer getting gold will be much faster and smoother.

Reputation update:

Cobalt War Talbuk Exalted with Mag'har! I now ride a Cobalt War Talbuk.

I need a new goal. Perhaps the consortium since I do enjoy killing the poor Ogres in Nagrand. 200 warbeads will take me to honored... I probably should do the Netherstorm quests before.

The Scryers - Revered - 800 sunfury signets required for Exalted.

Thing is... I am not overly interested in any of those factions. Then perhaps Sha'tari Skyguard could be something? Those Skettis quests are really a pain in the ass though.

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