Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shooting ogres

I've been having a long weekend followed by a few days spent to sick to go to work. Naturally I've had some extra WOW time to even out the boredom. As my hunter soared through Nagrand he also managed to ding 68 and get halfway into 69 - and I am still not yet out of quests in Nagrand. Still have the ones down in the southwest for the Consortium.


How come the fast pace? I blame rest XP and the incredible amount of kill missions in Nagrand. I swear you are hunting all various types of mobs in Nagrand at one time or other. Just killing things in random gives you both reputation with Mag'har and/or quest items. It is crazy - and fun as hell.

Nagrand is now my favorite Outland zone! Just don't have me kill more Elekks. I've gathered lots and lots of ivory for the consortium. They sure seems like a shady kind of bunch, but in the end I got an envelope stuffed with cheap gems.

Elite Elekk Concept (blizzard entertainment)

I am not much for rep grinding but with the Mag'har it goes incredibly fast. There is not much I want from their quartermaster save a Cobalt War Talbuk. Grinding ogres and collecting their Obsidian Warbeads for Mag'har turn-in I figured my grinding speed (when uninterrupted by PVP) is about 2000 rep / hour. I have grinded/quested my way to revered status now so there is about 20000 rep left - or 10 hours of grueling repetitive farming. I have about 8-10 hours of average wow time per week... I also have countless of alts and goals but this should be doable. It will be the first faction I've grinded to completion.

I am already longing for my next Nagrand session... did I mention it is rich with ore! Just from gathering random ore that appears around me I've raised my engineering from 230 - 243... Slowly getting it up to 250 and then we'll see if I'll start gathering the materials for the Surestrike Goggles v2.0.

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