Thursday, February 14, 2008

WOW performance on a MacBook

applelogo When the latest Leopard upgrade came there was a glorious cheer from the Mac gaming community. Apparently the new upgrade did a few wonders to the way Leopard handles 3D graphics. (Check out's report.)

Yay! While I never intended my own black little MacBook to be a gaming rig I just had to see how WOW would perform on it. But actually getting WOW onto the machine proved a bigger task for me.


I started out by downloading the client from - which took the whole night. After the install there was numerous new patches to download. Finally logging in... "This account has been upgrade to TBC, you need to download the Burning Crusade".. Oh no.. I hoped it wouldn't be necessary to download TBC too. Plugging in the MacBook from the office gave me at least ridiculously high download speed and after only 20 min I had the TBC client downloaded. Installing that and downloading a new slew of updates took an additional 20 minutes.

I had the feeling that after all this preparation the game would run extremely poorly on my MacBook. I was wrong. It was very much playable! Now I've only zipped around a little in the Barrens and not entered any of the major cities but the performance was impressive for the little MacBook. Granted the video settings are set to medium (or low) but it still looks ok.

I'll post some more data when I've had more time to fully test it.

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