Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Soloing the starting elites as a hunter


One thing that makes life easy as a BM hunter early on is the capability of going toe to toe with quest elite mobs solo. I imagine that hunters aren't the only one capable of it but certainly have an easy time doing it.

As my tough hunter (still unnamed by the way) neared the end of the quests in Ghostlands I had the pleasure of:

1. Killing Kel'Gash the Wicked at level 18 solo

2. Killing Knucklerot and Lurzan at 19 solo


The pet grabs aggro and swallows the hurt and the hunter deals damage while also making sure that Mend Pet is ticking away. The biggest problems while taking out these elites is keeping adds from walking into the battle. This is why I try to avoid engaging Knucklerot or Lurzan in the actual scar... as there are numerous undead there roaming about.

My lil' hunter is now 22 and has left Ghostlands behind. I did an epic fishing journey to increase the food supply to my cat. Shortly thereafter I waved goodbye to the cat and tamed a new beast - a raptor. Sadly enough it didn't appreciate fish at all...

I might have to look for a new cat soon or all the fish will start to smell.

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