Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ho-hum to Azeroth we go!

wow_icon I've had a long and nice break from WOW but now it has found me again. The break has been good and I've had a good time checking out all the games I've missed from 2005-2008... Especially I've been impressed with some of the shooters such as Manhunt and Condemned (which sequel I am eagerly awaiting).

Yesterday however I did fire up the old WOW but instead of going back to my purple-clad rogue I rolled a new character. My choice of character is based on a play style that allows for both good group- and powerful solo play - the hunter. Also I did make a Blood Elf... I know the BE's racial traits aren't on par with the Orc, the Troll or the Tauren when it comes to hunters. It is all about style this time.


I've added a :: wow links :: section to the menu and I'll be filling it with blogs I visit these days. If all turns out as I want it... I'll only be playing wow a couple of hours a week. No speeding through the levels, just playing for the fun of it. I imagine quite a lot of battlegrounds.

Essential hunter wow links:

I am sure there are more out there...


Anonymous said...

A leisurely hunter is my choice also. Welcome back to WoW. :>

By the way, I notice that you are a game developer. What sorts of games do you work on? (I ask because my husband and I do some game development on the side as well. Lately it's just been little casual projects and some Flash.)

Hexapuma said...

Thank you. It is kind of nice to have a tank, healer and DPS available when running around solo.

The game studio I work for mainly develops PC strategy games. It is not as casual as my wow gaming though... =)