Monday, February 11, 2008

MacBook upgraded

apple2logo I recently bought a black MacBook and became a true mac-fan. My only use for the MacBook is to use it to write and manage photos. I also really needed a light laptop, since my Dell XPS M1710 hardly qualifies as a portable laptop.

Anyway when I bought the laptop it came with 1GB memory and additional memory from the apple store was insanely expensive. So after looking at various Mac forums I learned what memory fit and what doesn't. There is actually an abundance of information for mac users when it comes to upgrade their Macs. Everything from detailed and helpful forum posts to heaps of instructional videos on youtube. I ordered 2 x 2GB memory banks from webhallen for just below € 100 and they arrived three days later.

Getting into the MacBook proved to be the biggest challenge - you really need tiny screwdrivers to get in there. Almost no violence at all was required to swap the memory banks.

Going from 1GB RAM to 4GB made my MacBook very speedy. A noticeable performance increase in switching between applications and giving the whole system a little less sluggishness.

Unfortunately for my wallet... this upgrade was just the first. I've decided to invest into a new wireless network, integrating my Mac, TV and consoles into one glorious organism. More on that later though. 

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