Monday, February 04, 2008

Scroll of Resurrection

icon_berserkerrage One after another my friends are finding themselves drawn back into World of Warcraft. They're getting a Scroll of Resurrection which allows 10 days of free play. Getting back after several months is tremendous fun especially in company of friends. The first days they don't remember why they quit in the first place. One guy tell me that he'll just level his latest character up to 70 and then just farm enough equipment to start playing arena games... at which points he swear he'll only play one day a week. Somehow I don't believe him. There is no easy way to quickly farm for arena gear.. it takes time... and then suddenly you farm for instance items... and then you need gold and you are in the vicious loop that will make that arena goal further and further away.
My characters cannot be resurrected by a scroll yet... so I am still safe. I will resist the urge to play WOW though. I have so much more fun with "normal" games right now... and time.

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