Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shi Mian Mai Fu

Since a couple of days back I've been having my throwing daggers equipped when going into AB. Sure I do loose a wee bit of stamina & agility from leaving my Carapace Spine Crossbow at home BUT instead of waiting 3 seconds before shooting, throwing weapons are almost instantanious.

So? you might ask.. well instant ranged allows me to throw a dagger into that pesky hunter with aspect of the cheetah or that druid running off and score a dazing effect. Even more importantly I can now much more reliable break node captures when rooted or severly snared.

Maintenace day today... lets see if I can get to rank 8 for the Knight-Captain's Leather Armor and
Knight-Captain's Leather Legguards. I am at 46% of the rank. My guess is that I'll only make it up to 80-90%...

AB reputation is at 9k so only 3k remains to revered and the Highlander's Leather Boots.

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