Monday, May 22, 2006

Defence is paramount in AB!

I had to skip two chances of going to MC this weekend. Company party on friday left me pretty wasted on saturday for the Pinioned guild raid and sunday I had to take care of the family so no MC raid with Inquisitor either. I did have an hour or two to do some pvp though. I hope I'll reach rank 7 this week but little play means little honor.

Interestingly enough there seems to be new PVP rewards coming out for patch 1.11... I've hadn't have enough time to analyze the new stats but I expect them to be slightly stronger. I gather that will mean lots of more people competing for honor in the next couple of weeks.

AB at Ravencrest in pickup groups are usually a disaster. Most allies start off riding through the mine and lumber mill and converges at the Farm. Only sometimes do they listen to the plead to defend the resources before moving on. It usually ends with horde capturing most bases 4-1 or even 5-0... I try to get people to understand two basic rules:

1. Always defend AT THE FLAG. It makes it harder for the horde to ninja the flag in the chaos and for reinforcements to arrive quickly from the GY. More than often though alliance are fighting far away from the flag leaving the base open for ninjas and flanking attacks.

2. DEFEND the resources. It is not always fun to defend a resource but it is neccessary for the team to win. To have 3 ppl at a base usually buys enough time for reinforcements to arrive even if the base is attacked by 5-8 horde. Defense is a joke at Ravencrest. Most alliance are too busy riding onwards to the Farm or trying hopelessly to recapture the Stables.


Raivyne said...

I absolutely HATE the following phrase:

"I'm gonna go ninja farm"


How many times does someone actually succeed in this? 1 out of 50? STAY AND DEFEND YOUR BASE N00B!!

My take on the whole situation is something like this:

Most of the alliance are glory chasers - that's why the don't stay on defense. I've spent entire ABs at the stables (alone) on defense. Yeah, its boring, but someone's gotta do it or you'll be spending the entire game trying to get your resource back. Why you ask? Because the Horde DEFENDS!!!

I don't even bother to try and explain the value of defending anymore... I just try and go in w/ppl that already realize it.

Hexapuma said...

Yes countless are the times i've spent entire games alone at various resources.. yelling for "incoming" and hoping to keep the hordes of the flag until reinforcement can arrive.