Sunday, May 28, 2006

Into the depths... again and again

So after doing a few AB matches a guildie looked for people to do the Onyxa pre-quest. Wanting to have that one finished too I packed my flash powder and flew to Thorium Point. Well at the Blackrock Mountain I realized that the poor kid also had to find the notes, kill the two bosses and others in the group wanted to complete the pre-mc quest.

We went down to talk to Windsor (poor bastard being locked up forever in that mountain and everytime he gets rescued he is killed in Stormwind) to start the questline. Of course there were numerous trips back to the Burning Steps to get the quest onward.

After an hour or two we had cleared him up the final step AND completed the pre-mc quest and then both of us had to quit. So I still have not completed the jailbreak part after 8 attempts. Loot? Well I managed to secure a Black Diamond which sells for about 50g on our server currently... not bad. It will keep my poison stash for a couple of more AB matches =)

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