Saturday, May 27, 2006

Know thy enemy - warriors

There are a few tricks that rogues should be aware of when facing warriors.

The first one is that warriors are immune to gouge when in Berzerker Rage.. they will have to activate this from Berzerk stance and but it do lasts a couple of seconds before going on cooldown. Second is that warriors can also break sap with the very same rage. Most experienced warriors enter berserk stage right before trying to cap a flag to be able to break our sinister saps... so what do you do?

For an epic warrior I sometimes go evasion -> sprint -> CS -> SS -> Rupture and flee.. hoping that the crippling poison will kite him. Dont go running to far or he'll intercept. vanish wait for the dot to do its job and then go in for another pass. Hopefully backup is on its way...

The nasty warrior.. when stalking the farm for an easy ninja-cap I sometimes see warriors running around attacking rats. These warriors are especially nasty since they continue to be in combat (no sap) and they fill up their rage bar for those nasty MS/whirlwind extravaganzas... I dont know if the other resources are equally rat infested but farm can keep a warrior at max rage for a long time...

Just 4k away from revered with AB now... slowly I am getting there. At this pace I'll be exhalted in about 40 days. Too easy to get epics for casuals? Bah. We have to sweat for it... however it might be too easy for hardcore solo (non-raiding) players.

Don't mistake the casual player for the solo-hardcore player.


Raivyne said...

"For an epic warrior I sometimes go evasion -> sprint -> CS -> SS -> Rupture and flee"

If you hit evasion and sprint before your cheapshot, you waste 4 seconds of both...

I normally CS, SS Gouge them when the begin to come out (have to wait for energy) then i KS them hit them a couple of times then i use evasion/sprint when they come out of KS. If they come out of KS early for whatever reason - i immediately hit evasion of course.

Might work better?

Hexapuma said...

I see what you mean =)
Basically what I am doing with this tactic is to stall him long enough for alliance backup to arrive. With my blue gear an epic warrior can rip me to pieces before I even know it =)

The rupture will have him start take a little damage and force him to choose between hunting me or trying to get another tap on the flag.

Gouge is usually not an option when a good warrior is trying to tap the flag as many activate bersker rage just before meaning they are immune to gouge.. =(