Thursday, February 01, 2007

My combat rogue build

So I finally took Hexapuma into the Outlands today and before doing that I had to decide a talent build. Hexapuma mostly have pre-TBC pvp gear and the weapon arsenal consists of lower tier raid weapons, which means that most weapons would probably be upgraded in the first few levels. In order to be as weapon independent as possible at start out I opted for a Seal Fate - Combat build... or 30/21/0 build at level 60 and then continue to add points to the combat tree towards level 70 (especially imp kick and other goodies).

My rogue combat build at 60

You might notice that I haven't put any points into daggers/fist/sword/maces.. but the idea is that what ever godly weapon I'll find.. I'll pump up. Most likely I'll end up respeccing to try out different things but this will get me started.

A quick description of my chosen build

* Strong PVE
* Blade flurry and AR+EV = lots of multi-pulls
* Fast combo-generation with SF
* Strong finishers with imp. evis ( When trying out the new finishers I might end up ditching this)
* Quick-recovery - very interested to see how good this is with my life leeching gear (lifestealing enchant, heroism deck etc)

* Not especially powerful in PVP (in my experience combat build isn't really that strong since it lacks true burst damage)
* Not that fun - mash sinister strike over and over again.
* No MOD! - big issue for me since I like to sneak around, both in PVP and PVE to explore new content.

I'll keep you updated of how my build feels and when/if I do any changes. Right now I can tell that I am very interested in going maces. I'd love to see how the stuns will work out in the arenas. Disruption ftw!

Draenei update
My Draenei warrior have now reached the respectable level of 16. That means she is still adventuring in the Draenei zone. I am still very impressed with the zone - the way blizzard have spread out the quests is really great. You have something to do in every area of the zone and there is very little running back and forth. Something I found you would be doing a lot when leveling up as human or any alliance for that matter. Darkshore anyone?

Protection Paladin
Hexapanther my paladin keeps amazing me with how awesome a protection specced paladin can be. I've now main tanked Zul'Farak and Sunken Temple and the Aoe grinding he is capable of is amazing. I regularly hit 40-50K exp/hour when grinding at the "correct" spots. Good grinding spots so far include:
* Sorrow Hill (the undead)
* Tanaris - Noxious Lair
* Tanaris - Pirate cove (forgot the correct name)

Regarding the noxious lair - this is probably my only character that actually thrives down in the insect caves.. multiple adds - no problem, poisoned - no problem it can be cleansed...


s4dfish said...

What was your build prior to going combat? I leveled to 60 in combat, ended up trying, and enjoying backstab and later mutilate builds. When I specced back to combat to level in the expansion I found it very...dull... On a whim I ended up speccing 41 points into subtlety (with Hemo) and I've got to say I'm loving it. Still not the burst damage of backstab or mutilate, but more exciting as combat and arguably as efficient.

Hexapuma said...

Back in the day when I levelled Hexapuma it was with Combat swords.. I then tried out various builds.. I quite enjoyed the classic PVP build (prep, cold blood) when I started raiding I switched to Combat swords again and in an attempt to both raid and PVP went Seal Fate.. I then took a long and nice break from WoW..

Psyae said...

You said:

Not that fun - mash sinister strike over and over again.

I say:

Not quite true. Sure, there's a lot of SS mashing, but what do you think all rogues of all specs end up doing in raid instances? When I pve, I try different things. Like, I'll challenge myself. Okay, let's see if I can keep this mob from touching me. At all. It's good pvp practice, and although there's certainly a bit of SS involved, it forces you to understand deeply the power ticks and to develop smooth timing.

Try this: Use crippling poison.
CS, SS, SS, back up, gouge, wait (some rogues use stunwatch timers for this stuff, others just go by "feel". I've done both), KS, SS, SS, gouge, get distant, wait, KS (if it's up), SS, etc.

Tons of fun combinations. I try to find new and interesting ways to stunlock my opponents without using any of my heavy cooldowns (blind, etc.). I love combat spec, and I really don't think it's as dull as claimed.

Wish you were on my server. We could practice duel. :)