Sunday, January 28, 2007

Impressions of the burning crusade

Playing the Draenei
Let me start by saying that so far I am really impressed with The Burning Crusade as a whole. Yesterday I stood in the AH checking out all the new cool items wondering if I should blow some gold on items before getting into outlands with Hexapuma. I really haven't settled for a good build either. Lots of confusion. While I stand there next to the auctioneer thinking this Draenei shaman runs up to me asking for the opening of a lockbox. That shaman was already 50... and then I realized that sooner or later I'll have to check out the two new races starting points.

The Blood Elves doesnt really interest me at all. The whole horde need a pretty race seems a bit wierd to me. Instead I rolled a female Draenei warrior... The male draenei looks really bad. They are so top heavy with their wierd tentacles and "soft" horns. Some of the face textures on the male characters are stretched and thus bugged... So it had to be a female and they actually look pretty cool. I selected warrior because I really like melee and heavy armor ^^

The Draenei starting area is beautiful compared to the old races starting points. Lots of vegetation and details in the environment. One thing Blizzard has done really well is the amount of quests in the new Draenei area (I guess the Blood Elves have the same). It seemed I always had quests and didn't really have to comeplete all quests because there were just so many of them. I´ve now reached level 12 and it has been an amazing time. I found myself reading all quest descriptions and really trying to understand how the Draenei story relates to the rest of the WOW lore. At first I was a bit sceptical of the whole "Draenei space ship" thing.. but after playing through the first 10 levels it feels pretty cool. So unless I am completely mistaken The Exodar is not only the Draenei captital - it is also the space ship which they crashed on Azeroth with.

I am really looking forward to play the next Draenei zone and I will probably keep all other characters on hold until that is finished.


Excaliber1 said...

Yo welcome back man, ever since you left on october I didnt visit this site for a while; but welcome back and hope you have an awesome experiance in WoW and Outlands =)

Hexapuma said...

Thanks.. so far I've had the best of experiences with the expansion. I still haven't gotten around to actually enter the outlands with my rogue, just want to enjoy the Draenei starting zones first.