Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The many personalities of Hexapuma

I am such a sucker for alts... and now that I have returned and no longer raid and the honor system has been revamped I have much more time to actually play alts. While my rogue is without a doubt my favourite character and my "main". I enjoy playing a paladin as well. They are very different since they have so much more to offer in terms of support.

Having played so much battlegrounds as a rogue it is very refreshing to play support and healer sometimes. Of course everyone really appriciates my heals and buffs =) If I were to add something to the rogue design it would be some sort of buff or aura... doesn't have to be super or amazing at all.. just a little something to repay friendly buffers.

The server I play on, Ravencrest, is unstable at best and during its downtimes I've started an undead priest on another server. It is actually quite fun and I can't wait until my first battleground expeditions. Since I am going to try PVP early with her I am going into the shadow tree.

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