Friday, January 19, 2007

Preparations, preparations

Just getting back into the game was more difficult than I anticipated... of course Blizzard's manage account page had to be down when I finally decided to return. I quite understand it though as the pressure on Blizzard's site must be huge now that all subscribers are upgrading their accounts and with all of us oldies returning to play again.

Finally I managed to re-activate my account when the next problem appeared ... deciding the new talent build for my rogue. Well ... when I left WOW in October last year I was very happy with SF dagger build. With all the new talents I have a really difficult time to decide upon my next build. Fortunately there are a few good sites out that gives a pretty good orientation of various builds.. I strongly recommend and

Before nailing down the talents... I ran into another problem. MODS! Most of the mods I used before doesn't work anymore so just getting them all back is going to be a pain.

Instead of going for the old ones I used I've downloaded Wowace updater.. which you can find at ...

And by the way… for some fun podcasting I recommend listening to a couple in Azeroth’s podcast… which you can download from their site here.

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