Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Combat and PVP in the Outlands

I've started on the various quest chains originating in Honor Hold and I find myself replacing my PVP and Tier 1 gear at an alarming rate. Actually I love that... WOW is an RPG and gaining level and replacing equipment is what you are supposed to do, anything else and it would have been a huge disappointment.

A few observations so far:
1 - World PVP - almost non-existent. You pass horde characters sometimes alone and sometimes in groups. Neither attack. People are simply to busy to level to engage in some serious pvp. For me still being 60 and everyone else around 62-65 it doesn't do much. But I do play on a PVP server... My initial 1-60 race back in the days were riddled with world pvp, corpse runs and gankpatrols. I can't say I miss the corpse runs but I do miss the excitement and the fear...

2. The Quests - Blizzard is doing so many wonderful and new types of quests. The bombing run quests are excellent! I hope these odd quests are not the only ones, rather I hope you'll be able to find these all the way to the end.

3. Visuals - So far I am kind of disappointed with the looks of the outlands. It feels like the unholy mix of Max Max's wastelands and some crazy purple cartoon from the childern's channel. The floating islands are very cool though ^^

Gearing up
A nice MH fist of the monkey dropped yesterday.. and so far I have not specced into any specific weapon type so now I am wielding a fist. Very nice.. I've also managed to replace the very cool ghostshroud with a very ugly leather helmet. Feels good to wear greens again =)

Draenei update
My Draenei warrior dinged 20! I have completed almost all the quests on Bloodmyst island including the two-three elite ones. I'll be finishing up those and then probably put the character on hold while I try out the Blood Elves starting grounds. My intial plan was to level a BE mage but after a few comments about how cool the BE stealth animation looks it might be another rogue =)


Excaliber1 said...

I thought all rogue stealth's were the same? I saw a BE rogue in stealth it seemed same to me but dunno.

Psyae said...

Don't fret too much about the looks of Hellfire Peninsula. It's one of many amazing new areas with some wild scenery. Take a peek into Zangarmarsh to get a taste of something completely different. I haven't even explored all the areas in full yet (and I want to take my time), but I can tell you, Blizzard did a fantabulous job. You'll love it.

Kinless said...

The run in from Hellfire Peninsula to Shattrath City is easy enough and takes you through the Z-marsh. Very cool.

I know I will continue to be amazed at this game for months to come. Leveling 6 toons at once will slow progress some. :)

Hexapuma said...

kinless wrote "Leveling 6 toons at once will slow progress some. :)"

I agree.. and now that I've also created a Blood Elf.. I am currently playing 5 toons.. progress is really slow but I am having a great time.