Friday, February 16, 2007

I am stuck on a carebear server?

Am I playing on a PVE server?
Seriously the horde and alliance seem to have a truce going on in the Hellfire Penisula. Orc and human fighting side by side... I jumped an undead priest and shortly after his demise I recieved whispers from another ally in the area to cut it out since the horde would revenge...

Seriously, I feel that if you want to play side by side with the other faction - go play on a PVE server. I chose a PVP server to experience the thrill and additional excitement of being a munchy target at any time. Yes, sometimes that means I get to run back to my corpse, yes, sometimes several times.

When I started playing WOW two years ago the world of Azeroth was a harsh place. If you spotted a red it surly led to combat. I played a warrior and I did get my fair share of corpse running from "imba" mages and priests. Strangely enough - I miss it. In the end game world pvp dimnished and now it seems to be even lower with all PVP concentrated around the BGs and the arenas focused on item grinding. Dont get me wrong.. I love fighting in the BG but I also need that extra excitement when doing mundane quests.


Excaliber1 said...

no endgame pvp? sounds..sweet to me atm. Currently i am playing on a pvp server (my main is on a pve) and boy I had never hated hillsbrad foothill so damn much(Im playing a Blood Elf Pally atm).

What I just hate about pvp servers is all the high level "big shot" alliance come down to tarren mill and gank the lower level horde as they come out.

No honor in that, stupid people have to kill people 20levels below them just to feel good about themselves. But I guess that is the way sometimes in pvp. I assume I should exact my horde revenge by going to darkshore?

Hexapuma said...

I totally agree that highlevels ganking "grays" is lame. It is something I've never done.. but 60ies should attack 60ies.. and personally I feel that 60 are fair game for 70ies ... it is the top echelon.