Monday, February 26, 2007

Your WoW personality

I spotted a "wow personality test" over at Kinless' Chronicles and just had to take it. The result:

Human Warrior


Humans tend to be the ones in the middle. Not as sexy as the Night Elves; not as stumpy as the dwarves or gnomes. As a human, you pretty much go with the flow of things.

As a warrior, you like to take charge of things. You feel that you're an important part of what's happening - and if things turn sour, you like to have a very large weapon on hand that you can use to negotiate.

Find out your real-life WoW race and class at

Well it could be worse.. still I am happy I ended up a melee character. I've had lots of various characters in WOW but it seems only melee characters are surviving the race to 60. I've tried to love and play clothies but it just don't work for me. Something about them being totally fragile and depending on gulping mana potions left and right.

I currently have a Blood Elf Mage at level 20 that I hoped would keep my interest but right after finishing up the Bloodmyst area I created a new horde character - a Troll Warrior.

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