Monday, February 19, 2007

Full subtlety rogue build

Well, being persistent about actually doing something about the carebear nature of the outlands at Ravencrest I respecced Hexapuma from a full Seal Fate / Combat Fist build to going all over to the dark side... the subtlety tree.

I've always loved the talents in the subtlety tree but I've always felt forced to stay assassin/combat. To hell with it... I need a good gank setup to start fights and going all out in the subtlety tree allows me to do that.

Hexapuma is still 60 so I had to do with a 60 talent build... and in my case it turned out to be 10/0/41. I am not completely satisfied and I think I put a few points wrong. I do miss imp. gouge for getting enough energy for backstabs. Initially I did not use hemorrage so I missed improved sinister strike... after a few test runs I've slowly adapted to the new way. I need a good slow fist/sword to dish out hemo damage but also a slow MH dagger for those imba ambush crits.

Using shadowstep is a ton of fun in PVE.. but its use is limited when you want to pick a mobs pocket first. And in order to get that lockpicking up you need to pick a lot of pockets for junk boxes.

So... what am I doing in the subtlety line of PVP?

Sneak up to the target - with Master of Deception it is much easier to approach higher leveled players without alerting them. It might not be all that useful at 70 but right now it is godsent as most of my targets are 58-62.

Shadowstep to target *poof* and you are behind your mark. This is incredibly handy. No need to slowly stalk your target. Step into the shadows and you are ready to plunge the dagger into the unsuspecting fool's back.

Behind your target you have many opptions but start out with Premeditation and what ever opener you go with you almost always have a full 5 point finisher to follow up with. I haven't fought many paladins or warriors yet but I am dying to try out garrote -> rupture & vanish... with preparation it is possible to do this twice...

I've found that my pvp skills are somewhat lacking since my long break and also that I've spent too much time in Battlegrounds.

Better start reading up on some rogue tactics ... I've always liked the ones Osiris wrote. I wonder if he still plays a rogue...

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