Monday, July 14, 2008

What is next in the PVP gear department?

I've almost collected another 28000 honor... My fingers are burning to spend it. Albeit I cannot decide what will give me the most benefit. Resilience or DPS? Check out my hunter Stormspike at the armory and help me decide...

I am leaning toward getting the Gladiator's Crossbow and get a small DPS boost instead of the bigger resilience boost I can get for the same amount of honor. One more thing... I don't do Arenas - yet. I'll wait till I have a full set before venturing into that slaughterhouse.


David said...

According to your armory, you already have the Merciless crossbow. I take it you bought it since your last post? In any cause, this is what I would have done. You will notice the biggest difference with the weapon.

Hexapuma said...

Yes I bought it =)
Still training the Xbow skill though but I expect to take it into the battlegrounds for a thourough testing soon.