Friday, July 11, 2008

Hunter's got back

I tried, oh I tried.

I really tried to save up the honor to get the PVP crossbow. As soon as I crossed 10k honor I somehow ended up in the Hall of Champions ogling at the various gear I could buy. I've been checking out the Sergeant's Heavy Cloak for a long time and BAM! Without knowing it I had bought it. Back to zero honor and square one when it comes to weapons... 28'000 honor required.

The cloak is nice though... and with it I am almost at the magical 200 resilience rating. The magic? It is minimum resilience rating that most premade AV teams requires.

Oh my little mage sits untouched at 19... and if I am not completely mistaken as a ghost after numerous attempts to kill the silver rare bio-mage in one of the ziggurats. Damn weaklings ^^

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