Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My little mage

So I cracked... and created a new alt. I think it was all the AV grinding during AV weekend that broke me.

Anyway... playing a mage is great fun, although I do miss my hunter so I don't expect this to be a long-term relation.

Things I've noticed in the early levels of a mage:

  • Their DPS over short time is insane.
  • They need to drink and eat - a lot.
  • Their insane DPS is clearly balanced with their sitting down time.
  • At the end of the day I feel as a hunter kills faster since I never had to sit down for water.
  • Mages are extremely fragile. A bad pull is harder to fix compared to a hunter or rogue. A hunter can manage a 3 mob bad pull, while things get hairy with just one extra mob as a mage.
  • Mages are extremely cooldown reliant. Mob add and Frost Nova on cooldown - big trouble. I find myself working around the CD of Frost Nova and Fire Blast.
  • They have a much tougher time compared to rogues / hunters to down elites.
  • Bloodthistle withdrawal is cool
  • Did I mention they drink alot of water?
  • The Elemental Aquanton is frost resistant - use fire spells or you'll die over and over again.

After 10 hours /played my mage sits at level 17 in the Ghostlands. I've gone completely frost at this point. So far it has only netted me faster frost bolts and additional crit damage - nothing spectacular or snazzy.

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