Monday, March 17, 2008

Goals Updated

Time to update my goals:


My Short-term goals:

  • Get Engineering up to 300
  • Get Mining up to 300 before level 58 (I want to be able to mine as soon as entering the Outlands)
  • Level to 47-49 before starting next round of glorious battleground PVP
  • Earn enough gold to buy a mount at level 40
  • Level up to 40 once the PVP badges are collected
  • Earn 20 Warsong Gulch badges to buy Forest Wind Bracers before levelling past 39
  • Earn 20 Arathi Basin badges to purchase the mail boots before leveling past 39

Long-term goals:

  • Get the hunter up to level 70 before next expansion (40/70)
  • Max out Engineering (235/350)
  • Max out Mining (185/350)
  • Get fishing up to 300 before going through the outlands portal (180/300)
  • Get full PVP gear

Yesterday I reached the number of WSG badges needed for the epic Windtalker's Wristguards and the AB badges required for Defiler's Mail Greaves. With those complete I run around and explored Ashenvale and boom! My hunter turned 40 when discovering The Warsong Lumber camp. A hearthstone later my hunter left Silvermoon with a new black Hawkstrider and all the mail he could wear...

I've now left battleground mode and returned to leveling again. I already miss WSG! I'll level up as quickly as possible to return to the battlegrounds around 46-48 for the next batch of PVP gear.

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Art said...

You got a nice blog. After reading that post I decided to create my own blog, and started it off the same page - writing about my goals in game for next couple weeks or month.
You can find it here -
Thank you for the inspiration your blog gave me.