Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Earning gold through engineering

Barnett_FL_Blunderbuss_2_ I've always loved the engineering profession but I've always felt that it was more for fun and a helpful for PVP (remember the glory days of the iron grenade?). When I started anew with my hunter I went engineering for the ability to craft ammo and other cool trinkets and relying on money generation to come from ore harvesting.

When training up engineering I made a large number a number of Deadly Blunderbusses , a semi-crappy rifle. I went to the AH to sell the stuff I made figuring that I get at least a few silvers worth out of it. There was already a couple of deadlies in AH - with the price tag set to 5 gold. Interesting. So I listed a few at 4.5 gold a piece. Two hours later I had sold 5 of them.... I have a feeling that it has something to do with a horde quest in Ashenvale, where a NPC requests a Deadly Blunderbuss as part of a quest objective. For alliance you could probably make a gold or two on Bronze tubes which is required for a quest in Duskwood.

I've been making these guns like crazy and sells about 3-4 each day. I have made a lot of gold in very short time for a new character that doesn't have a main to support it.

I've also discovered that an accurate scope sells for about 5-6 gold on my server. Not bad. So all you engineers out there - go make some gold!

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