Friday, August 24, 2007

Making gold the expensive way

I recently found one of my old IRL friends in WOW... but on a different server than me. After some consideration I decided to move a few character to his server. After all playing with IRL friends is so much more fun than with random puggies.

My first action was to create a new character on that server and check out the AH prices. I discovered that epics and certain trade goods were horribly overpriced compared to what exists on my own server.

So back on my original server I invested about 1500g in mats and various epics. At my server Ravencrest you can find epics for around 20-40g during the weekdays. Thats Stockade Pauldrons, Destiny etc. With a backpack full of ore and epics I transferred my first char.

I've already made tripple that amount of gold and I still have lots more to sell. I am also going to transfer 2 more characters in the next two months. But it isn't completely free... I do have to pay real cash for the transfer charge. But since I was going to move the character anyway =)

Now take a moment and think about how much money blizzard makes on character transfers.. how many characters do you think transfers each day on both EU and US? Its a lot of cash... and it is more than the monthly fee. Think about that.


Megan said...

Yah, they make bank with paid xfers. I will eventually have to off one of my characters somewhere else if I want a Death Knight on my home server, I have no more slots left due to bank alts.

Samownall said...

Lol they make so much money from this I am sure. I have never transferred my own chars but I may transfer my mates pally from his account.

Samownall - World of warcraft

Galoheart said...

I've done 2 characters in Transfering servers. I agree there is a bunch of money they can make or do make off of this.

However all you have to do sometime is transfer server and you can quickly find out how much different things are High or Low price on AH. 2 on my toons are now on a newer server and some things are low but some things are greatly over priced. Coming from a mature server i know how to use that some to my advantage. I also use my toon back on my old server to guage whats a ideal average price of a item if its something new i will be buying a lot of.

goldsoon said...

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