Monday, August 27, 2007

Battleground faces

After reading about Eye Of the Storm tips and tricks on both Out of Mana and Massive Multiplayer PK and having a blast playing alot myself this weekend I figured that there are many different types of BG players.

First you have the Fearless Commanders trying to give a few orders to the ragtag PUG that plays. I've tried this a few times but I don't really have the patience to shout out all the commands nor the thick skin to take the shit from all the puggies who just want to assault stable over and over at the sacrifice of the other nodes.

The Suicidal Solo Maniac - running around alone on the bg and usually dying to the defense. Sometimes they manage to ninja a flag in AB. If you have too many of these it is game-over. Winning is done in groups. If an attack is called out by the commander to the gold mine, you can be sure that the SSM is heading to the stables...

The Stalwart Defender - They dig down at one of the flags or the flag room in WSG and defend it. Usually I end up as a defender in AB and EOTS. The most important thing is calling out incoming attacks early. I am usually alone at the nodes I defend so I won't be able to hold out long against a large group. My main tactic is stalling the flag cap until reinforcements arrive.

The Bored Defender - This guys starts out defending but after no action he moves - usually the node is captured right after he leaves. Patient rogues for the win...

The Big-Mouthed-PVPer - There is always one guy that has the best tactics and makes sure everyone else know they need to L2P. These guys are always the first to call out that the enemy team is a premade... even when they come from different servers.

I actually had a really good discussion with an experienced commander the other day about which nodes to capture... as a horde player I am a strong believer in capturing (and holding) Farm, Gold Mine and the Lumber Mill. That way you can have a strong force at Mine and Lumber Mill and only one at Farm. Lumber Mill should be strong enough to ride down and defend Farm when ever needed. Small diversionary attacks against BS and Stables to keep the enemy afraid of attacking. My rationale is that too many places to much importance in holding the Blacksmith - avoid it and you're enemy will have to fear loosing it instead.
What kind of battleground fighter are you?


Excaliber1 said...

I'm more of a The Stalwart Defender type.I love to just pop a flare and trap near one of the flags at AB and (near goldmine almost all the time) and run up just outside the mine and shadowmeld as well as my pet. Sometimes two horde venture too close and i ambush em ;) othertimes..not my luck lol

Megan said...

I get in, accomplish what I want done (strategy wise), then play defender usually. Even better if it's against stacked odds, I get more honor out of it.

While defending, if there's no action headed my way, I'll turn into the Big-Mouthed-PVPer---*shrug* I don't have 2 Marshals just for looks.

Ontherocks said...

Hmm, I'm horde and I generally prefer to hold Lumber Mill, Farm and BS. If for no other reason that from Lumber Mill I can see both our other nodes to defend.

I'm the patient rogue, but sometimes I get really bored waiting and will start watching TV and miss an inc call.

Jon Hanks said...

Very funny post and so true. I usually start out as the commander then migrate to a bored defender or suicidal maniac once no one listens to me.


Keystone said...

I usually run premades with my guild since the success & fun are doubled - I usually only PUG Alterac Valley.

I'm a cross between Commander & Defender. The reason I defend is so I can constantly have my map up and looking for players in combat (cartographer map mod). I call incs sometimes before the players at the node themselves, and I tend to direct traffic and group class composition.

I've been undefeated in the EoTS premades that I've ran, but I don't do as well in WSG, it's a work in progress as I'm the suicide guy in WSG normally, so it's hard to transition to a Commander when directing traffic.

On a side note, I really wish the skin would change on BGs, for example, a snowy WSG would be great!