Thursday, June 21, 2007

Warspike's modified pvp combat build

Currently Warspike's build is combat fist but with a slight difference from the cookie-cutter build. I've put points into MoD for additional stealth - and when doing lots of BG that stealth is very welcome. I can easily say that rogues without MoD are very easy to spot... For me MoD has become a requirement.

Warspike's Combat Build

Assassination Talents - 15 points

The first tiers of the assassination tree is almost a requirements. I would recommend all rogues to go for 11 points here. Malice, Ruthlessness and Relentless strikes are god send.

# Improved Eviscerate - rank 3/3
# Malice - rank 5/5
# Ruthlessness - rank 3/3
# Relentless Strikes - rank 1/1
# Lethality - rank 3/5

Combat Talents - 41 points

Combat tree for sustained damage. If you do venture down the combat tree make sure you pick up the signature moves here - Riposte, Blade Flurry and Adrenaline Rush. When you combine BF and AR you are effectively in god mode. Add evasion and not much can withstand your fury. This goes for both PVP and PVE. Although make sure you have the target stunned before starting.

Personally I chose to go with Combat potency (for that extra energy) and all the way to Surprise Attacks (10% damage increase) and I love them both!

# Improved Gouge - rank 3/3
# Improved Sinister Strike - rank 2/2
# Deflection - rank 5/5
# Precision - rank 5/5
# Riposte - rank 1/1
# Improved Sprint - rank 2/2
# Improved Kick - rank 2/2
# Dual Wield Specialization - rank 4/5
# Blade Flurry - rank 1/1
# Fist Weapon Specialization - rank 5/5
# Aggression - rank 2/3
# Adrenaline Rush - rank 1/1
# Nerves of Steel - rank 2/2
# Combat Potency - rank 5/5
# Surprise Attacks - rank 1/1

Subtlety Talents - 5 points

The king of the rogue talents - if you are the stalking kind of guy that is... I cannot play wihtout it, I feel naked and I do even consider dropping a few points from assassination and put them into camoflage for increased speed as well.

# Master of Deception - rank 5/5

This works for me, although I used to play with maces before getting my Nexus-Claw and that was even more fun! With mace specialization you get a chance to stun and increased weapon skill. Very handy... and very annoying for your cloth targets.


Goeben said...

Thanks for posting, and explaining, your build. I'm currently slowly leveling a NE rogue as part of a casual RP group. I've never played a rogue before and am trying to learn more about the class.

So far (level 25 now) my rogue has been daggers only, and I've been shooting towards a combat daggers build, mostly based on the character's personality. He's definitely not a sword-wielding type. However, I have been intrigued by maces, as I could easily see the character as a thug with a blackjack. /grin

However, my only experience with maces was leveling a shammy, obviously a completely different situation. Do you have any recommendations or insight? For instance, any general pros and cons, any comments on specific items, using a mace main hand or off hand or both, etc. This character will primarily level doing group PvE.

Hexapuma said...

In my opinion - combat daggers used to be the best raid spec for a PVE rogue. I have never tried it but it relies on long fights. I would not recomend using it to level.

I levelled my first rogue using Mace in MH and dagger in OH.. I found out that maces were usually much cheaper on the AH ^^ and packed as much punch as a sword. There are a few great maces out there. Unfortunately many of them are very expensive due to twinks.

Use mace MH and dagger oh.. Dagger OH is great to keep your dagger skill somewhat high if you need to backstab that mage/caster before swapping back to mace.