Monday, June 11, 2007

Reputation grinding in WOW

One of my biggest problems with WOW is the constant requirement to grind repetation for the various factions. Actually it is not the need for the grind but how the grind is supposed to be carried out that disturbs me.

Take Thrallmar for example. A high reputation for Thrallmar is required for a few crafting recepies but more importantly the key to the heroic instance in that zone. When a new player arrives at the Hellfire Penisula the most obvious thing to do is to do quests for Thrallmar - for reputation, experience and gear. But the most effective way to gain reputation is actually to avoid the Thrallmar quests and go for the ones out at Falcon Point (gives reputation for Silvermoon) and hit the ramparts and blood furnace over and over again until honored with Thrallmar. When finally honored with Thrallmar then should the quests should be completed (at this point the player is also probably over the minimum/recommended level for the quest making them a breeze). This saves multiple runs into Shattered Halls later on for that precious exhalted reputation.

While I understand the need to have reputation grinding as part of the current system, I would prefer it to be a little more similar to how Aldor/Scryer reputation is gained - using quests, and token turn ins. For example I have choosen Aldor for Warspike and it allows me to either go out and kill orcs for tokens or buy them on AH... buying them on AH allows me to grind other things I find more interesting and sell or trade tokens. It gives me freedom to play where I want to... I have yet to experience the new 2.1 content with the daily quests and all - I expect it to work out much better than that annoying Thrallmar reputation =)

It reminds me of the old days in Diablo II where most (end-game) players kept doing runs into Mephisto to get the good loot. It was the only way to really gain good end game gear.

Oh and Warspike turned 65 the other day! I have him decked out in the Thick Draenei leather set so far. I am not going to get overboard in gearing up until I hit 70.


Lamthara said...

Honestly i do strongly like the way they have set the new reputation system.

I like the idea that if you want to gain reputation you have to make an instance. In this way you get fun (at least much more than killing the same mob for hours) you "risk" to drop some nice item, you help your friends to make their quests... and so on.

I find a little bit boring to get exalted with the Aldor above all i didn't want to stay in the same spot, spamming mindflay and hope the mobs would drop the tokens... but with the other factions (Sha'tar, Honor Hold, Cenarion ecc...) it's just better, find a group, go to the instance, get fun... that's the way it should be in my opinion.

Hexapuma said...

I see where you are coming from.. however instancing is a pain for me. Always PUGS and not being able to reliably play for more than one hour at a time... makes it even harder. Therefore I love the "aldor" way... but I think you missed the point. You don't have to grind one mob... you grind gold however you want it and purchase the tokens on AH. Grind anyway you want - even inside instances. said...

Found your blog about a week ago along with a few others and really enjoy it.

Hope you don't mind if I link to yours from mine (just started)

Keystone said...

I think there should be ways to fit everyone's play-style. I PvP 75% of my time on WoW, I would like to have ways of gaining non-BG rep through PvP.

It would be nice if a person could get Honor Hold / Thrallmar reputation every time they killed another player inside Terrokar Forest. I don't want to hamper the instance version, or the grind version, but just add diversity to the system.