Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ding 64!

Warspike is slowly sneaking towards level 70 and all the goodness that awaits! Recently he passed the 64 mark. I've also installed the mod auctioneer to see if I can get some help in making great money from the AH. I usually manage to do Ok but it can't hurt right?

It does take quite awhile to scan the AH for prices and the mod itself do have a heavy memory load. I'll see if I can manage to keep it around.

What is your experience with auctioneer?


Nibuca said...

Auctioneer is indispensible to me. Auctioneer+Enchantrix is how I make all my money. Scans keep Auctioneer up to date. With old scans you make bad decisions.

My Fiancee ends his nights in the AH. He sets his bank toon to scan the AH and then goes to bed. Your toon will complete the scan.. and then eventually be disconnected by the server.

I log on, start a scan, and then make dinner. By the time dinner is ready, the scan is done.

Good luck.

Hexapuma said...

Ah interesting. I guess enchanting the cheap stuff on AH for resale as shards etc. is a great way to earn gold.

Hellfire said...

I dunno, I tried it out and I found it to not be so useful. I just search the stuff that I'm trying to sell and underprice it myself. For things that are not on the AH at that moment, I just look at and put up the average price that they have listed there.

Nibuca said...

Nah.. Use Auctioneer to keep your Enchanting mat prices up to date. Use Enchantrix/Auctioneer to find weapons/armor that are listed at a buyout on AH that is lower than their predicted disenchant value.

- LW makes Wicked Leather Headbands for skill up. They sell on AH for ~2g.
- Leather Headbands sometimes DE into 2 Greater Eternal Essence.
- 1 Greater Eternal Essence changes into 3 Lesser Eternal Essence.
- 1 Lesser Eternal Essence sells for ~3 g.

Net profit from 1 headband: 10-16g.

Sometimes Headbands disenchant into dust.. I haven't been reselling them since I'm skilling up enchanting.. but Illusion Dust is also high value.

Sometimes they DE into shards. Pure profit.

So far I've seen nothing but profit from these headbands.