Monday, April 02, 2007

The Underbog

I've tried another instance last week... the Underbog in Zangarmarsh. Compared to the Ramparts it is much more fun, more interesting fights and way cooler layout. I wouldn't mind going back in a couple of times. The loot was all mail or plate so no goodies for me. Did pick up a mushroom trinket though that grants 200 health after each exp yielding kill. Don't see myself using that anytime soon. 200 health is less than peanuts above level 60.

Hexapuma dinged 64 as well and I am actually already close to 65... Looking forward to 66 as it marks the level where I'll be getting new weapons.

Still questing in Zangarmarsh. As soon as I think I am almost ready a whole new bunch of quests opens up. This time it was getting friendly with the Kurenaithat unlocked a new quest hub.

Even though I really love the marsh it is time to move on... thinking of going south to Terokkar Forest next.

Regarding PVP - I've not found one shaman in the zone... plenty of hunters and other rogues though. And lets not forget all the Blood Elf paladins running around judging things. So far none of them are causing me any trouble.


Excaliber1 said...

I have ye to run a complete run of Underbog. Those bog lords hurt :(

Lamthara said...

eh... gz for the run :)

Underbog is a very funny instance, the bosses are nice even if i find that the first one is the just the best. The other two are quite boring for there is not strategy but a zerging dps :)

Somehow... all the instances in Zangarmarsh remember me Maraudon mixed with Gnomeregan O__o''