Thursday, April 12, 2007

Musings from Terokkar Forest

Going from Zangarmarsh to Terokkar Forest was a wee bit of disappointment for me. The washed out colors of the zone does not sit well with me and for some reason the initial kill X timber worgs to collect their tails isn't doing it for me either. I guess I really hate animal-collection quests. That quest aside - I did have a lot of fun with the numerous birdmen quests.

I've now reached The Bone Wastes, helping refugees and what not. More collection quests, although these have better drop rates. I am seriously thinking of leaving this zone and move on to Nagrand or the Blade's Edge Mountains.

Did you like Terokkar Forest?


Excaliber1 said...

Really? I loved Terokkar Forest! The nice woodsy scence to me seemed so much better then the swampy-bug infested marsh..

Im doing blade Edges mountains quests atm, Its ok, I like nagrand (did some exploring there) because it reminds of Arathi Highlands, that "openess" to it.

Blades Edge I havent explored too much. But Nagrand has tons of quests. If you do go to nagrand be sure to do the Ring of blood quests FIRST if possible. Youll make tons of money and the weapon rewards are sick...(it can be found in the north eastern corner of Nagrand, where the ogres are)

Good luck :)

Hexapuma said...

Ah cool, will have to remember that. I did get a whisper from a group asking me to do ring of blood... had no idea what it was at the time so I declined.

Keystone said...

Ring of Blood here I come...!!!

Thanks for the tip, maybe I can finally replace my Azuresong Mageblade.