Monday, April 30, 2007

The different faces of the rogue

While endulding myself in the deepest ressesses of altism - to level a horde rogue to be able to play with friends again - I've discovered a few types of rogues.

There are actually three types of rogues:

1. The War Rogue - Only plays the rogue for the PVP. If they progress beyond mid-level they end up doing countless and countless of AB/WSG/AV and now probably also the new outland BG - The Eye of something. These rogues are usually horrible in instances. Going for very specific PVP gear such as all-out-AP, disregarding lockpicking totally, have no clue of aggro-management at all. Finally they lack all the finer finesses that is possible with the rogue class. How to recognize them - they will challenge you to duels over and over and are most likely twinked beyond all reason.

2. The Raiding Rogue - These rogues have raided for far too long. Actually they spend very little time on their rogue not raiding - PVP is done with a warlock/hunter/shadow priest and they might even have an arsenal of alts to keep wow being fun. Take these rogues into an instance and they over-aggro over and over again while putting all of the blame on the tank or priest. While they are powerful they expect themselves to be able to handle any instance by themselves - and are over and over proved wrong.

3. The True Rogue - This is a player dedicated to the rogue class - PVP, PVE and raiding, The true rogue knows his class's strengths and weaknesses. They are the ones that can pull an ace out of their sleeve when the shit hit the fan. In an instance they will almost never pull aggro unless it is to save a clothie. They have full lockpicking, switches poison depending on the situation and knows when to vanish =)

Personally I love to group myself as #3 =)


Psyae said...

"Personally I love to group myself as #3 =)"

Of course you do.


Keystone said...

I think your statement applies to all classes. There's different types of Mages too.

There's the attack everything and inflict as much damage until dead Mage. This Mage has no regard for their own life and doesn't care about corpse runs or repair bills.

Then there's the horrible timing Mage that has bad combos and even worse kite'ing abilities.

Last, there's the reserve Mage that knows when to turn, blink, and run. This Mage knows the power of blink and can kite like no other.

These are just some simple categories I've come up with, and I'm sure you can guess where'd I'd categorize myself ;)

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Hellfire said...

Pretty much all of WoW is split up into this more or less.
1= Hardcore PvP'ers
2= Hardcore Raiders
3= Casuals

Btw, I added you to my new mage blog

Lamthara said...

I agree with mage... it's just the same for priests or every class in the games...

normal people who knows their class and can kick ass in every situation (or most of them...)

...maybe for the priests is harder to be pvpers but it's ok... ^^