Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hexapuma's Army: Multiboxing

While waiting for the next expansion I've gathered a small army of toons. It seems I can't help myself to go creating more and more toons. With the latest "Recruit a friend" (or RAF for the cool kids) boons you can actually level a couple of toons really really fast.

What you get from playing with a friend:

* Friend-to-friend summoning - once every hour (I think) you can summon your friend. This cuts down on travel time immensely - especially since you'll level so fast you want to visit trainers so much more often.

* Triple experience gain - you get triple experience from quests AND killing mobs. Triple is fast - very fast. It is so fast that you'll skip most quests in a zone because it is becoming grayed out. It also makes instances leveling very interesting.

* The recruited friend can grant bonus levels to your characters... even more leveling.

There are a few caveats in the mix though. Your "friends" account gets linked to the recruiter. This means that only those two accounts will gain the triple experience when playing together. It is also only active 3 months... so if you want to level multiple characters - get cracking!

Of course you can always get yourself a second account and either multi-box them (playing two accounts on the same computer) or if you have two computers play that way. I currently have two computers setup next to each others to play my two accounts. It does require a few macros to run successfully but it works like a charm.

I am currently leveling a Warrior and a Priest this way... My warrior tanks and accounts for most of the DPS... the priest is little more than a pocket healer and when not healing auto wanding the target. I am not using the two characters full potential. Probably 3/4 of the warrior and 1/3 of the priest...

It is really interesting way to play... much more room to botch up comparing with running with just one character. It feels a little bit like WOW in difficult mode.


SolidState said...

much more room to botch up comparing with running with just one character. It feels a little bit like WOW in difficult mode.

I'm confused. Shouldn't it be easier, not harder? After all as you said, you're playing with your own pocket healer. Group quests should be a piece of cake for you, not to mention regular quests...

Just curious, I'm not planning to multi-box. I don't dare tell my wife I want a 2nd computer and WoW account... ;)

Hexapuma said...

Ehm to clarify... I am going mostly in instances and in order to get experience you have to have the characters pretty much in the correct level. Ordinary wow is easy easy mode... multiboxing 2 toons in an instance makes it more challenging =)