Thursday, October 02, 2008

Getting ready for the Lich King

As my attention for WOW is slightly wandering at the moment I had to sit down and review my current goals. Especially those I should do before the LK expansion.

  1. Get 30 WSG marks for my PVP leggings [ 19/30 done ]
  2. Get exalted with Sha'tari Skyguard in order to get the Netherray mount. [ 12800/21000 done ]
  3. Get Cooking 375 [ 372/375 done ]
  4. Get engineering 375 [ 362/375 done]

That is all I really want to do... now it would be sweet to complete the reputation grind for the Scryers [ 1610/21000 done ]for the greater AP inscription - but hey I have a life too - I hate grinding.

Regarding my alts... there is nothing they need to do before the arrival of LK.

waiting for lk

I am in no hurry. When the expansion comes I am truly going to enjoy the new content in a rather slow pacing. The only thing that might speed up my leveling depends on the new battlegrounds...


lienna said...

From what I hear the story in wotlk beats tbc to the ground, so hopefully those of us who go slow and steady will have plenty to enjoy.

I'm also trying to get skyguard up to exalted, apart form anything the money from those dailies really doesn't hurt!

Hexapuma said...

Yes I surely hope so.. TBC storyline didn't grip me at all actually.